14k Gold Handmade Citrine Three Stone Ring

14k Gold Handmade Citrine Three Stone Ring


Whenever Dad made a ring with a stone set in prongs, he was very fussy about leaving the beads (the ends of the prongs that rest on the top of the stone to hold it in the setting) heavy. Heavy beads provide more protection for the stone and make the ring more durable.  It was one of the things his customers used to "discuss" with him all the time.  Most women felt that heavy beads took away from the stone and wanted the beads to be light so you couldn't really see them and the stone would show to its best advantage.  Dad usually prevailed in these "discussions" but if someone was really insistent about it, he would file down the beads - and he was the master of the non-verbal "I told you so" when the customer would inevitably come back with one of the beads worn down or broken off. 

The 14k gold ring mounting is one of the heaviest Dad ever used for a three stone ring and the beads are heavy duty.  It weighs 1/4 oz and is set with a genuine citrine weighing approximately 1.25 carats.  Set on each side of the citrine is a cubic zirconia weighing .50 carats.  Please tell us your ring size in the space provided on the order form.

Pieces in the "End of an Era Collection" are the last remaining pieces we have that Dad made.

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