Sterling Silver Handmade Scallop Shell No. 1

Sterling Silver Handmade Scallop Shell No. 1

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Dad's sterling silver handmade scallop shell charms are available in several sizes.  This is Scallop Shell No. 1, the smallest scallop shell that Dad made, measuring  1/4" height x 1/4" width.  It may be worn as a charm on a bracelet or as a necklace on a chain.  Also shown as sterling silver post earrings and as drop earrings.

Scallop Shell No. 2 measures 1/2" height x 1/2" width

Scallop Shell No. 3 measures 3/4" height x 11/16" width shown on heavy 18" sterling silver box chain

Scallop Shell No. 4 measures 1 3/4" height x 1 3/4" width and comes as a pin/pendant 

Scallop Shell No. 5 measures 7/16" height x 7/16" width


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